The Allas – Helsinki Pool: Cleantech meets urban bathing culture in Helsinki harbor

Allas-kuvaThe iconic harbor area of the Helsinki city center will get a facelift with the construction of an exciting urban sea pool and public swimming complex, The Allas – Helsinki Pool. The project, carried out by Korjaamo Group, will not only provide a veritable bathing oasis and urban culture venue for the citizens and tourists in Helsinki but also a masterclass in Finnish cleantech expertise.

Allas – Helsinki Pool will be built in the harbor in the district of Katajanokka and is planned to open in May 2014. The 7000-8000 m2 area will be open for visitors throughout the year and feature 3-4 outdoor pools, a sea view sauna, Baltic Sea center, café, restaurant, wellness center, grass area for urban outdoor activities and rooftop garden.

The whole complex will be built from wood, steel and concrete materials and will utilize the best Finnish cleantech solutions in energy efficiency, water and waste related issues, lighting, sustainable materials, and other eco-conscious lifestyle solutions. The pools will be constructed on a floating pier while the rest of the complex is set up on the shore.

“The aim is to make this a cleantech and sea pool bathing complex showcase that can be established also in other Baltic Sea locations. This is a great challenge but an even greater possibility in the number one property in Finland,” says Raoul Grünstein, Executive Director of Korjaamo Group.

Cleantech Finland and its spin-off SOLVED – The Cleantech Company co-create with Korjaamo Group and the key project team members to deliver hands-on advisory and a roadmap for feasible cleantech solutions that are provided by partnering Finnish cleantech companies.

“Very quickly our team of top cleantech experts are able to find the right solutions to the specific, complex challenges in the Allas – Helsinki Pool project,” Santtu Hulkkonen, Cleantech Finland’s Executive Director, says.

According to the nature of the whole community-driven enterprise, Korjaamo Group, Cleantech Finland and SOLVED – The Cleantech Company are open to hear any solution ideas to be employed in the project. Ideas can be posted on Korjaamo Group’s Facebook page until the end of August.

Along with Korjaamo Group, Cleantech Finland and SOLVED – The Cleantech Company, the core Allas project team includes the consulting and engineering company Pöyry, marinas and advanced floating solutions provider Marinetek, Aleksi Lumijärvi (GreenStream Network), Juha Vanhanen (Gaia Consulting), Mikko Kantero(Greensound), Risto Huttunen (Huttunen Lipasti Pakkanen Architects), and Florian Köhl  (FAT Koeh Architekten).

Contact persons for the project:

Raoul Grünstein: Marianne Mäkelä: Santtu Hulkkonen: — Image: Korjaamo Group Relevant sites: FAT Koeh ArchitektenHuttunen Lipasti Pakkanen ArchitectsMarinetek

Finpro, 15-08-2013