Helsinki Airport gets new displays as number of transfer passengers grows strongly

Helsinki-Vantaa_Finavia-OyjFinavia Finavia will introduce new displays, new languages and new passport machines to help customers and speed up transfers at Helsinki Airport.

The number of people changing planes at Helsinki Airport grew strongly in the first eight months of this year. According to Finavia, the number of the passengers transferring at Helsinki Airport to international flights grew eight percent from the previous year to 1.4 million passengers.

The proportion of people connecting at Helsinki from an international flight to another international flight was 1.1 million.

― Our successful investments in developing Helsinki Airport as a leading transit airport and our new connections to Asia, have supported the growth of passenger flows, says Ville Haapasaari, director of Helsinki Airport.

― The positive development of transit traffic gives us a number of reasons to be happy. It demonstrates that Helsinki airport has a good opportunity to grow into an even more significant international passenger traffic hub, he continues.

Helsinki Airport has invested heavily on passenger services, and it will continue to do so while facing tougher competition. According to Finavia, the airport is renewing its display system at Helsinki Airport terminals with new larger displays which “will shorten time required for transferring between flights.”

The airport will also add new languages to the system to cater especially Asian transit passengers and increase number of passport control machines.