Interactive wall takes research to new scale

MultitactionMULTITOUCH MultiTaction displays are already used by universities around the world

Finnish company MultiTouch says it has delivered the largest interactive display wall for research purposes in Europe at Technische Universität Dresden (TU Dresden).

At about 5 metres wide and 2.5 metres high, the MultiTaction iWall recognises finger touches, complete hands, infrared pens and objects.

TU Dresden is conducting research in human-computer interaction and will also use the wall for interactive visualisations.

— We expect large interactive displays to be omnipresent in the future, says Professor Raimund Dachselt, head of the Interactive Media Lab at TU Dresden.

— The MultiTaction iWall provides us a 25 megapixel display supporting the widest range of input methods and unlimited touch points.

The MultiTaction technology is the only one worldwide to support this variety of interaction modalities at this size. That’s why we want to be the first lab with this equipment to do groundbreaking research in this area.

TU Dresden and its Computer Science department have already started to use the wall for a range of research and student projects.

MultiTaction technology was originally based on research made at the Aalto University / Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT.
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