Darrox’s green technology goes global


Darrox offers an environmentally friendly solution for the energy needs of telecom masts.

The Finnish growth company Darrox has come up with technology that offers a wind and solar energy-based local energy solution for telecom masts. The technology is the first of its kind in the world, according to the company.

The idea behind Darrox’s technology is to produce the energy required by the telecom mast without the commonly used diesel oil or electricity grid. The company’s concept involves a wind turbine attached to a telecom mast.

— This is a much cheaper way of producing energy compared with existing large wind turbines built next to telecom masts, says Darrox’s Managing Director and CEO Martti Hintikka.

The company’s target customers are telecom and electricity operators all over the world. According to Hintikka, telecom networks are spreading around the world faster than electricity networks and in developing countries up to 50 per cent of telecom masts are located outside electricity networks. The CEO feels that Darrox’s technology would be an affordable alternative for off-grid masts. In Finland the technology is being tested in eight separate pilot projects.

— We are targeting the African, South American and Asian markets in particular. We have already held many discussions with international parties and one international pilot is already in the works, says Hintikka.

Darrox is carrying out a public issue in May and June in order to finance its move into the global markets.

The company was founded in 2009 and presently employs five people.

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Anna Korvenoja