Framery phone booths mix Finnish design and engineering

Framery 1Those working in a modern open plan office often have trouble finding a quiet corner to make an important phone call. Luckily the Finnish company Framery has solved the problem by updating the humble phone booth for the 21st century.

Framery was born in 2010 when engineers Samu Hällfors and Vesa-Matti Marjamäki noticed how phone calls contribute to a noisy office environment. They realised that creating a quiet place would give callers privacy as well as to reduce distractions for everyone else. It was not an easy process, but Framery are pleased with the solution they developed.

— After many generations now we can say that we have the best office phone booth. It took a lot of research to get to this point, but fortunately we have closely cooperated with an excellent Finnish engineering consulting company specialising in acoustics, says Lasse Karvinen, Framery’s sales manager.

These phone booths are not the battered relics of urban street decay but instead high-tech tools for interior use. Framery has several models which range in size from a small private box to a larger room which can accommodate multiple people. Moreover, they can be moved to fit almost anywhere in an open office.

 Form and function

Framery 2The Tardis, the machine shaped like a phone box in TV’s Dr. Who, has an interior which seems much larger than its exterior. Framery’s booths have a similar quality, but the impression of space is due to a generous use of clear glass. The booths also take inspiration from traditional Nordic design simplicity.

— Design is enormously important. When creating inspiring spaces there is no room for awkward design or products, Karvinen continues.

Yet these booths are not used simply for their aesthetic value. Their purpose is to provide a quiet environment.

— It is important to remember that a phone booth is a functional product, so the design cannot replace acoustics. For example, we were recently at a London design fair. The design of our model O phone booth turned many architects’ heads, but they were not convinced until they tested the excellent soundproofing.

From Silicon Valley to India

Technology and finance companies are some of the main users of the Framery booths, but even industrial and engineering firms are customers. The Scandinavian bank Nordea, Finnish industrial company Wärtsilä and American high-tech powerhouse Twitter use the booths.

Framery signed their first agreement in India during the autumn of 2013 and are now expanding their distribution network in Europe and North America. They continue to innovate and develop their product but are coy about what they will release next.

— We are doing market research and have an insight on the next big thing in the phone booth product category, Karvinen concludes.

David J. Cord
 Good News from Finland