Genano purifies air in Poland and Saudi Arabia

Finnish company Genano’s air decontamination units have been sold to multiple hospitals in Poland and Saudi Arabia.

Several hospitals in Poland have purchased in total over 150 air decontamination units from Genano. The order is worth 600 000 euros.

Earlier in 2015, Genano’s air decontamination solutions were delivered to multiple hospitals in Saudi Arabia. Most of the units are used in isolation rooms to help combat the Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) virus. Genano equipment is now recommended for use by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health.

In November, Genano joined Finland’s Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Lenita Toivakka on a trip to United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia to present Finnish expertise in healthcare, education and cleantech to representatives of state institutions and companies. According to Genano CEO Jaakko Salminen, exports already form a third of the company’s revenue.

The patented technology used in Genano units is based on a powerful electric field. Particles and impurities are gathered on a surface inside the unit, and washed away automatically once a week. All Genano air purifiers are designed and manufactured in Finland.
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