Deltabit makes keys a thing of the past

DeltabitDeltabit wishes to change the traditional method that people use to enter their houses, i.e. keys.

Since 1998, the Finnish company Deltabit has been developing various fingerprint identification methods that can replace traditional locks and keys. Their work has brought results as the company’s products are garnering interest both in Finland and overseas.

Deltabit has launched the new Deltabit Gatekeeper Lite fingerprint identification product designed for access control at both business premises and at home. With this system Deltabit aims at market leadership in Finland and the rest of northern Europe.

— We have no competition in fingerprint identification in Finland. Our competition lies more in the manufacturers of older systems, i.e. traditional locks at home and access control systems for companies, says Jukka Hosio, the company’s Managing Director.

Deltabit’s products have already been sold for some time in Russia and Estonia and sales began in Poland in June. The company’s goal is to continue expanding to one or two countries each year. Sweden is the company’s next target market.

Sales of the Deltabit Gatekeeper access control and working time monitoring system, launched earlier by the company, increased six-fold in Finland in 2013. According to Deltabit, people’s awareness of fingerprint identification has increased following its arrival in smart phones and it is becoming increasingly prevalent.

— Fingerprint identification is now in the same position as the mobile phone game markets were five years ago, i.e. on the verge of explosive growth, Hosio says.
Anna Korvenoja
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