Finland ranked as the most dynamic country in Europe

Finland DynamicGTI The Global Dynamism Index ranks countries by their performance in five key areas such as science & technology.

Finland has been ranked as the most dynamic country in Europe by the Grant Thornton Global Dynamism Index (GDI) 2013.

Australia is named the most dynamic country in the world followed by Chile, China and New Zealand. Finland holds the joint fifth place with Canada. Australia climbed to the top from the seventh place in 2012, and China rose 17 places from last year.

The other European countries amongst the top ten are Sweden and Norway.

The GDI report notes that “despite the Nordic countries sliding, government policies there make it one of the best places in the world to grow a business.” Finland was last year ranked in the second place and Sweden in the third place.
GDI shows increasing science & technology activity, which will help sustain economic growth potential by boosting the quality, productivity and efficiency of outputs, comments Ed Nusbaum, global CEO at Grant Thornton.

The index includes 60 world’s largest economies, and the companies are ranked by 22 indicators such as gross domestic product (GDP) growth, research and development (R&D) spend, regulatory risk and access to finance and labour productivity. Rankings are based on performance in five key areas – business operating environment, economics & growth, science & technology, labour & human capital and the lending environment.

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