Finnish company created a pocket-sized osteoporosis diagnoser

BoneindexThe light-weight instrument makes it possible to perform rapid diagnoses while visiting the patient at home.

Bone Index, a startup company based in Kuopio, eastern Finland, has developed the world’s first pocket-sized osteoporosis diagnoser. The instrument has now been approved for sale in Europe.The company is currently looking for a partner with an existing distribution network for its international operations

According to Bone Index, there are currently an estimated 200 million people suffering from osteoporosis, only 25 per cent of whom receive a diagnosis for the condition.

One of the related problems is the lack of access to diagnostics as the examinations are most often conducted in large hospitals, using x-ray equipment that requires a great deal of space. No wonder the company calls its Bindex diagnoser, weighing only 150 grams – roughly 5 ozs or 0.3 lbs – a revolutionary innovation.

— The revolutionary Bindex technology is new and unique in the whole world. The instrument is light in weight, easily portable and has been proven to open up new and cost-efficient approaches for the diagnosis and screening of osteoporosis. The examination can even be carried out by a nurse at the patient’s home, says Ossi Riekkinen, CEO.

The instrument utilises ultrasound technology and offers potential savings in health care.

— The measuring technology has been validated in Finland, and a cost-effectiveness study was made on the basis of the data. The results show that introducing the Bindex technology into today’s osteoporosis treatment chain would have significant cost effects.

The first Finnish clinics will receive their Bindex instruments in August. Bone Index will also start up its operations in the USA in August by initiating the comparative studies required for sales clearance. The European clearance procedure, i.e. CE approval, is not sufficient in the USA.

Bone Index Finland Ltd. was established in 2011 and focuses on the development of measurement instruments for the diagnosis and screening of osteoporosis. .
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