Finnish skull implants come to European markets by the end of the year

Skull ImplantsLehtikuva/ Roni Lehti Skulle Implants owner and inventor Pekka Valittu (left) and CEO Tommi Brunila plan to test European markets first for their product.

Finnish biotech company Skulle Implants, based in Turku in Finland, is bringing its skull implants to markets estimated to be worth billions of dollars. Skulle Implants CEO Tommi Brunila said to YLE, that the company is bringing its implants to markets in Europe in December. The company started production of implants earlier this year. They are made of glass-fiber reinforced bioactive composite, and can be used for correcting large skull bone defects due to trauma, tumors, infections and craniotomies. Pekka Valittu, the inventor and owner of Skulle Implants, said to Good News from Finland that patients have tolerated implants well. In her doctoral thesis, the University of Turku researcher Nganga Sara, found also that the antimicrobial coating used in implants had “an excellent short time antimicrobial effect.” — Our skull implants have been made from the materials and chemicals that are proven safe, and they have less infection risk than the traditional implants made of plastics, says Valittu. The company intends to sell implants first to hospitals. — We have done some premarketing of our implants. In a first phase we are planning to sell our products directly to hospitals, but we believe that our implants will be a success anyhow, said Brunila to YLE.
Good News from Finland

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