Finnish web service quickly expanding throughout Europe

Good News from Wed, 05 June, 2013:


Goodspeed is targeted specifically at travellers.

The Goodspeed web service created by the Oulu-based company Uros Ltd has seen swift expansion in recent weeks. The service, which facilitates internet use for travellers, now covers 23 European countries.

The most recent additions to the service include Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Belarus and Liechtenstein. The company also recently entered into co-operation with the Russian mobile operator Mobile TeleSystems OJSC (MTS).

According to Uros, the Goodspeed service guarantees easy and low-cost internet usage both in the customer’s home country and overseas, without roaming and WiFi fees. The service uses a mobile broadband modem.

— Unpredictable internet connection costs and poor connectivity when travelling abroad continue to be among the main factors slowing down the productivity of business travellers and are extremely critical especially in international business. With skyrocketing tablet and smartphone sales and increasing mobile data usage, the situation will only get worse, says Uros Ltd’s CEO Tommi Uhari.

— We are pleased to be able to offer our customers a convenient, all-inclusive mobile internet service that enables them to connect freely also when they are in Russia, he says, referring to the Russian co-operation agreement.

Uros Ltd was established in 2011. The company’s Goodspeed service was launched in the autumn of 2012.

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