Life-saving innovations

TelesproMany forms of assistance are required when saving lives in crisis situations. Spektikor has brought to the markets the world’s lightest single-use ECG indicator and can count NATO among its clients. Another company, Telespro Finland, is specialised in the prevention of heat loss in patients.

Spektikor, an Oulu-based startup company, has created a product that, according to CEO Kari Kivistö, competes with three pulse-measuring fingers. The ECG indicator is ideal for the simultaneous observation of several patients that require constant monitoring or are seriously injured.

— Typical crisis situations might be accidents, natural disasters, fires or states of war. Above all, the ECG indicator saves emergency personnel time by enabling easy and fast heart rate monitoring in all types of conditions, Kivistö sums up.

Strong growth in demand

Spektikor’s ECG indicator is small, light-weight and easy to use. The device monitors the patient’s pulse continuously, up to ten hours at a time. A normal pulse is indicated by green blinking lights. If the heart rate does not remain between 40 and 120, the light blinks red.

The company introduced the first version of the product to the markets for customers to test in the summer of 2011. From the very beginning, customers around the world were enthusiastic about the product and demand has been steady. A more advanced second version will be launched in 2014. Expectations are high.

Another indicator of how successful the company has been is the delivery contract that they signed with NATO last summer. The contract will allow the ECG indicator to become available in all NATO and partner countries.

— The deal was definitely a confidence booster and made us walk tall, says Kivistö and smiles.

Spektikor’s ECG indicator is being used all over the world. Key customers include NATO, the Finnish Defence Forces, the Saudi Arabian Army and the Finnish Red Cross. An updated version will hit the markets at the beginning of 2014. Photo: Spektikor Oy

Putting an end to heat loss

SpektikorAt Telespro Finland, operating in Kuopio, they know how to prevent people from losing heat in crisis situations. The company specialises in hospital and rescue service products.

— A person’s body can start to cool down in a variety of situations and locations. Surprisingly, one of those places is hospital operating theatres where the temperature of nearly all patients declines enough for it to be classed as hypothermia, says Managing Director Heikki Hakkarainen.

— Our core expertise is identifying precisely those situations in which a person’s body temperature can decline and in which this lower body temperature can be dangerous. We identify the causes and consequences and can create products that enable the prevention of crises.

— T-Balance, our new product preventing heat loss in surgical patients, is expected to be an even bigger export success than our earlier products. During the winter we will launch four new products within the product range, so the future looks really bright, Hakkarainen concludes.


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