Rapid identification of infectious diseases developed in Finland


The DNA-based laboratory testing takes less than ten minutes.The Turku company Abacus Diagnostica Oy has developed a DNA-based laboratory test for the rapid identification of infectious diseases. The DNA-based laboratory testing takes less than ten minutes.

The tests do not require specially trained personnel, and identification is faster than culture-based methods. The results are ready in one hour, with less than ten minutes of work required by the laboratory technician. The system can identify, for example, MRSA bacteria.

In 2012, Abacus Diagnostica’s identification system for hospital-acquired bacteria was the winner in the ‘Life Science’ category of the European Venture Contest. In 2014, the company won a tender from the Karolinska University in Stockholm, Sweden.

At the moment, Abacus Diagnostica’s markets are in Europe. The company is currently seeking new partners to support its aim of conquering the US markets.

“We are still targeting entry into the Canadian market. We will probably secure sales figures in Russia and four South American countries this year,” says the company’s CEO, Tom Palenius.

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