Snowbird – New Finnish airline



A new Finnish airline will take to the skies this spring. Snowbird will mainly focus on B2B charter flights, especially for travel organisers, travel agencies and other companies. Charter flights are a growing business without significant competition in Northern Europe.

— The idea to start an airline came from the desire to create a new Finnish growth company in an industry that is clearly at a turning point and in need of renewal. Finland needs an airline to meet growing travel demand. Our main competitive advantages on the market are flexibility and know-how. We are not creating yet another budget airline; instead, we are seeking growth through sustainable and responsible business principles, CEO Marja Aalto explains.

Snowbird is supported by the sales and marketing company Lumilintu Oy, which will distribute the products of small-scale producers for in-flight and retail sales.

The airline is expected to begin operations before summer, and information on the first destinations will be released in February–March. The flights will be operated with an Airbus A320 aircraft, initially in co-operation with a partner.

The visual concept for Snowbird, Finland’s newest airline, was created by designer Sami Wirkkala.
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