Yoga Me brings yoga to the workplace

YogaYoga Me is based on Iyengar yoga, which is a form of yoga that puts emphasis on precision and allows gradual progress.

Yoga is gaining popularity at a tremendous pace in the Nordic countries and the number of online yogis is increasing.

The founder of the Yoga Me app, Jenny Lauronen, sits down after the Iyengar yoga class she has given in the yoga studio, bursting with energy and enthusiasm. Lauronen tried yoga for the first time at the age of 15 and started practicing it daily in 2000. After a ten-year career as an engineer, she opened her own yoga studio in Turku and now she has established the wellness technology company Yoga Me.

— My calling is to bring yoga to the people. The idea of Yoga Me is to allow everyone to practice yoga in a way that feels good to them, regardless of time and place and only when it suits them. People should have the chance to do more yoga. Yoga is a state of mind, not a yoga studio, even though the environment here helps, says Lauronen, looking around the yoga studio in the centre of Helsinki.

Yoga Me is about competing with yourself

Yoga Me is based on Iyengar yoga, which is a form of yoga that puts emphasis on precision and allows gradual progress. In Lauronen’s Yoga Me app, the additional challenges included in the exercises make it more like a game and help the user to progress.

— Men like Yoga Me because it gives them the chance to compete with one another and make comparisons. But of course, it is about competing with yourself and sharing successes and joy with others, Lauronen says.

Before Yoga Me, Lauronen has worked as a fitness instructor, especially at workplaces during breaks.

— Teaching 15-minute exercise sessions was not very practical. I also produced an exercise DVDfor the Japanese market and gave remote yoga classes through video conference systems. Many times I thought there just has to be a modern solution to this, and that’s how I came up with the idea of the Yoga Me online service.

Finnish yoga app stretches out to global markets

Yoga Me is in Finnish, but the first English version of the service will be released in autumn 2014. That is when the Finnish yoga app will head for global markets.

New online yoga and wellness services are being developed all the time and competition is tough, but Yoga Me has found a niche in taking yoga to the workplace.

— There is some competition, but not in yoga targeted at workplaces or work stations. The most important aspect of Yoga Me is that you can start with the basics and progress to become a master by following the exercise programme and the recommendations. And everyone can adapt the programme to suit their own needs. This is definitely something no one else is offering, Lauronen sums up.

Sara Vihavainen
Good News from Finland

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