The Portuguese Offer

Portuguese OfferTHE PORTUGUESE OFFER is a brand new exhibition where businesses and consumers will be able to meet, sample and buy directly from Portuguese producers – in quantities ranging from one box to many pallets.

A space for the Promotion and Sale of Portugal through the diversity of their products -handicrafts, food, shoes, textiles, art and decor, real estate and tourism – and Cultures.

The international prestige enjoyed by the Portuguese brands allows THE PORTUGUESE OFFER Exhibition to export and introduce its pioneering and innovative business model, assuring the success in reaching the small businesses in England.

The 1st edition of THE PORTUGUESE OFFER will take place in Thetford and will be a “business to business” event, offering products and services for the small businesses in UK.

An Exhibition designed to give opportunity to local small businesses to buy directly at producer’s prices and to import as many goods as they wish. Inside all visitors will find specialized international transport companies to supply services from one box to full pallet(s) or truck.For special products we supply freight forwarding advice or services to organize import of goods like wine and others paying special taxes or needing special certificates.

After this event THE PORTUGUESE OFFER will remain active to organize many others exhibitions and also as a marketing service to support any UK company interested in import or export and visit Portugal.

THE PORTUGUESE OFFER will take place on October 18, 20014 in the town of Thetford organized by the largest Portuguese newspaper in UK ‘AS NOTICIAS’sponsored by BES – Banco Espirito Santo, the largest financial group in Portugal, and international Portuguese magazine PORT.COM Communities.

2014-09-18 10:54