Lisboa Design Show takes over printed flexible electronics September 30th, 2015

The development of printed electronics and intelligence has evolved rapidly in recent years. More and more smart products can be created with the help of printing machines and intelligent inks. Finished products can vary from printed lights, solar cells, antennas, batteries or even disposable medical tests just to mention a few.

Printed intelligence technologies offer endless possibilities for designing novel product innovations, and offer a highly appealing treasure chest of tools for new “smart products” design – both in terms of functionality as well as the aesthetics. Printing as a manufacturing process is highly cost efficient, and thereby these products can also be competitively manufactured in Europe.

Printed electronics is an emerging field of technology, which is eagerly looking for more design creativity and innovations. To facilitate this, the PrintoCent community launches the second international Design Competition around printed intelligence at the Lisboa Design Show 2015 ( ). The competition is open for students, industrial designers and architects. The contestants need to design solutions for autonomous lighting systems for industrial and farming settings, natural disaster areas plus for domestic gardens. The competition takes place in three phases: 1) ideation time one month, 2) selection of top design candidates 5, 3) sparring the finalists & production of prototypes. The winners will be announced at the Polar Bear Pitching event in Feb 11th, 2016.

PrintoCent is a world-class printed intelligence community of companies and research institutions avidly looking into these technologies. The community was founded in Oulu, Finland with the support of national and EU public funding. Currently, the community has 44 members from Europe, Japan and USA. The Portuguese member companies WeProductise (Ponte de Lima) and Ynvisible (Caparica) bring strong design and product innovation input to the community.

The PrintoCent community has a booth at Lisboa Design Show 2015 [booth number 42] and is presenting these fascinating technologies. There will also be a related workshop at the show “Design de produto com electrónica flexível” on Friday 9.10. at 17:00-18:00.

Printed intelligence is technologically based in part on novel nanotechnologies. Portugal and Finland have had collaboration in nanotechnology field since 2012.
PrintoCent Design Competition history

In October 2014, the 1st PrintoCent design competition called on open-minded designers and engineers to be bold and inventive think differently and challenge themselves with printed intelligence. In all, there were about 20 entries and novel ideas to design a future lamp or lighting concept. The jury awarded the finalists in the following order:

The Grand Winner – Koistinen Oskari
 with Tykky
The Best Business Potential – Saccardi Samuel
 with Eclipse
The Wildest Idea – Koivuaho Anniina
 with Aava
Honorary mention – Saavalainen Juho with 
Adjustable table light
Honorary mention – Laitinen Joona
 with Fabian

The jury was genuinely surprised by the high quality of the design work as well as the technical maturity in numerous occasions. Besides showing wonderful creativity with the design brief, the TOP5 had also incorporated the idea of different use case possibilities and the need to come up with solutions that are both scalable and suitable for international markets.

The Grand winner , Mr. Oskari Koistinen, was awarded 2000 euros for his design Tykky. Besides being a beautifully designed lighting fixture, Tykky’s form function and production readiness resulted in an outstanding design piece. Besides being easy to set up, the design was seen as a logistically ecological solution – as the lamp can be shipped as a flat sheet of film. Most importantly Tykky’s winning feature was the basic idea of using these flexibile LED lighting elements so that by changing the cutting pattern one can create an endless number of differently shaped lamps. Moreover, the actual material can vary from cardboards to plastic or even metal sheets and anything in between, thus enabling a great variety of finalized products.

PrintoCentOskari Kuusinen giving his final presentation on Tykky

For more information, please contact.
Mr. Ilkka Kaisto
Director, PrintoCent
+358 401 494 006

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