The Team Finland strategy for 2014 is now ready

News, 6/13/2013

The Government today approved the first annual strategy steering the work done by the Team Finland network. The strategy defines the priorities of the Team Finland network’s activities in 2014.

The Team Finland (TF) network brings together the players that promote Finland’s external economic relations, the internationalisation of enterprises, investments in Finland and the country’s image – both at home and abroad. The objective is to build a clearly defined, customerdriven operating model that brings all of the parties involved under one umbrella, in order to pursue shared goals annually approved by the Government. Another key objective is to coordinate actions flexibly, based on both government and private sector involvement.

Since its inception, Team Finland has progressed rapidly in its joint activities. The Team Finland strategy 2014 sets the priorities for the coming year. This strategy has been prepared by the steering group for external economic relations, headed by the Prime Minister and adopted as a Government Resolution on 13 June 2013. Preparation involved extensive consultation with network participants, stakeholder groups and nongovernmental organisations.

The strategy will be updated annually, but not continually reinvented. A long-term perspective and continuity are important to promoting the country image, and to achieving progress in various themes and geographic priorities. Similarly, the perspective should extend beyond individual government terms. However, annual updates are necessary, if we are to seize new opportunities and gradually improve the TF network’s activities.

The purpose of the strategy is to ensure that the network as a whole is doing the right things, and is optimally prepared for performing its duties. This does not exclude other major opportunities that arise locally during the year. The TF network is expected to take the initiative and actively seek ways of promoting priorities and spearhead projects. It is also encouraged to innovatively explore new ideas and courses of action, and to share best practices.

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